Online Photo Proofing

Are you utilizing online photo proofing?

The most important aspect of the photography business is photo proofing. The way to sell photos is to show your clients your beautiful work so they cannot resist purchasing the images of their smiling children, their happy wedding day, or the perfect golf shot.

Every photographer proofs their photos in some fashion. The antiquated method is to print a proof book. This is an unnecessary printing expense, and takes more of the photographer’s time to deliver and discuss the proofs. Also, once a client has prints in hand, however sub-par the quality, they may think that is “enough” and not order prints. Online photo proofing is the way to go. It is worth repeating: all professional photographers need to be utilizing online photo proofing. Not only is there zero printing cost, more motivation for the customer, and less time consumed by the photographer, the process for selling photography online can increase revenue exponentially. Emails are forwarded at the click of  a mouse and your client base has multiplied. Now Grandma and Aunt Eloise can also order your prints, and you have just doubled your profit, while cutting your time in half.

Looking for photo proofing software? There are many factors to consider when choosing a service.

Fees for Online Photo Proofing

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