Boudoir Gallery Online Photo Proofing

February 19, 2011

Looking to provide an online proofing solution for your boudoir photography clients? Here is a great site and tips on what photographers often look for in a boudoir gallery website :

  1. Secure Boudoir Access:  options for password-protected private boudoir galleries (meaning the client must have the direct link to the page and a password), public-password protected boudoir galleries (access the the gallery on your proofing homepage and a cover image of your choice, but password is required to enter), and public boudoir galleries (access would be available via a direct link to the event or through your client proofing homepage and entry wouldn’t require a password, possibly just an email entry).
  2. Beautiful Boudoir Galleries:  ensure your proofing service presents your photos as beautifully as the actual shoot, meaning look for a boudoir proofing service that doesn’t reduce the size of your images and offers multiple viewing options like mosaic, grid, and blog style.
  3. Shopping Cart & Favorites:  the best boudoir photo proofing sites allow clients to not only purchase photos but also favorite them for review by you in your studio panel within the proofing site.  This is important because boudoir photography often results in a boudoir photo book that is provided to a significant other and the client needs a private way to show you which shots are their favorites!  So, a great boudoir proofing site is going to allow your client to favorite photos in a way that lets you review these in your studio panel to ultimately build the album for them.

ShootProof is an online proofing website that provides these secure options for photographers and presents your photos beautifully!

Also, don’t forget to prep your clients for this special day, share some suggestions with your clients as they prepare for their special shoot with you.

  • Dont’s for your client’s Boudoir shoot: easy on the fake tan and no need to be nervous, do it for yourself, this might be once-in-a-lifetime investment!
  • Suggestions for your Boudoir shoot:  lotion, fake eyelashes, new lingerie, manicure and pedicure, and don’t forget to go outside your comfort zone a bit!

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