Online Photo Proofing Is a Must for the Modern Photographer

October 22, 2010

In this digital age of iPads, a laptop on every lap, and the expectation of instant gratification, professional photographers need to keep up with the expectations of their clients and provide quick and easy online photo proofing. Online photography galleries are the easiest way for professional photographers to expand their client base immediately. By posting event photos online, you can share with your clients, who in turn can pass their proofs along to family members and friends who are likely to place orders of your photos. This is an easy way for people to share you work, giving you more exposure, and more potential orders.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an online proofing service. The costs can vary drastically across the industry. Some photo proofing services charge a commission on any sales you make, capping your potential. If you plan to sell a good amount of photos, you are likely better off paying a low monthly or annual fee in order to have one fixed cost for your photography proofing. This opens up the potential for your income to climb as you increase your sales.

Another factor in choosing an online photo proofing service is to look at the ease of navigation by both you and your clients. Not every client will be as technically savvy as you may be, so it is important to ensure that they will be successful at viewing and purchasing their photos online; any problems doing so will adversely affect your sales.

In this digital age, online photo proofing is a must. Clients expect to be able to access their proofs online and in a timely manner. As a professional photographer, an online photo proofing service is the number one thing you can do to increase your sales and make your business a success! is an online photo proofing service for photographers to upload, share, and sell photos online. ShootProof is dedicated to helping our photographers grow their photography business!

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